Housing the Powerhouse

Housing the Powerhouse is a coalition of housebuilders, land promoters and business voices, joining forces to promote a positive approach to tackling the Northern housing crisis. We support the ambition for transformative social and economic growth established in the Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review (NPIER) and want to see the right homes built in the right places to make this vision a reality.

Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is preparing a spatial plan to decide what is built, and where, in the region over the next 20 years. The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) will establish how many new homes are needed and where they will go, as well as where space should be provided for businesses. Housing the Powerhouse wants to see the best possible GMSF in place as soon as possible, aligned with the ambitious vision of the Greater Manchester Local Industrial Strategy.

But our interest goes further than simply building more homes. Greater Manchester needs the right kind of homes in the right places for all of its communities, living in well designed, clean and green places. Our interests include:

  • Delivering a mixture of homes to meet the variety of regional need;
  • Providing more affordable homes where need is greatest;
  • Improving the quality of housing stock and bringing more homes back into use; and
  • Making attractive places that are well served by transport and social infrastructure.

Tackling the Northern housing crisis

Housing the Powerhouse is also engaged on wider issues relating to housing delivery in the North, including:

  • Setting a standard method for determining housing need that reflects northern need and forward-looking growth scenarios;
  • Securing a higher level of public housing investment for the North, where the social and economic impact of every pound spent is very significant; and
  • Agreeing local housing deals that promise significant additional funding and powers in return for aligning housing delivery with ambitious economic strategies.