Greater Manchester is preparing a spatial plan to decide what is built, and where, in the region over the next 20 years. The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) will establish how many new homes are needed and where they will go, as well as where space should be provided for business growth and new jobs, including at offices, warehouses, research centres and factories.

Housing the Powerhouse is a coalition of housebuilders, land promoters and business voices, coming together to campaign in support of the GMSF. Our objective is to promote the need for quality homes in Greater Manchester and secure the best possible GMSF as soon as possible. Getting a great plan in place is essential if Greater Manchester is to fulfil its potential for inclusive economic and social growth. A range of quality homes, meeting the variety and volume of need, properly planned around great places to live and work, is something that we are committed to working with Greater Manchester residents, businesses and leaders to deliver.

We are working with Greater Manchester to address the chronic shortage of homes and tackle the social problems entangled with the housing crisis. Our range of interests include ending homelessness, regenerating Greater Manchester town centres and providing the full range of homes required in the region, including quality affordable homes where they are needed most.

This is what we are getting on with at the moment:

  • Supporting the Town Centre Challenge programme, convened by Mayor Andy Burnham and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to boost regeneration of town centres across Greater Manchester;
  • Working with Greater Manchester leaders and planners to explore imaginative solutions to providing affordable homes where the need is greatest;
  • Supporting the principle of devolving transport assets, funding and decisions to the city region and integrating plans for better transport with plans for new homes and businesses;
  • Helping to bridge the construction industry skills gap by providing education and training opportunities, so the supply of new homes isn’t held up by a lack of qualified labour.

Overall, we will continue to lend our voice to calls for a fairer deal for the north, whilst working towards providing a better built environment for existing and future Greater Manchester residents.



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